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Fort Gibson State Bank, Oldest Town in Oklahoma


This is a photo of the Old Fort Gibson High School. The building was built in 1940 by a work group (WPA) in the effort to energize the economy in Fort Gibson after the depression years. The class of 1971 was the last class to graduate from the building. The building is currently being restored by owner Kirk Boatright after many years of remaining vacant.

This is the hospital structure of the second Fort Gibson. This building used in the Civil War era still survives today and is maintained by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

The bakery, seen in the right background, has been restored by the Oklahoma Historical Society. The bakery is used for public demonstrations. On certain days of the month the bakery is open to the public for bread sales.

This cannon sets in the heart of the fort behind the fort walls. The cannon was built at Lorton Prison in Occoquan, North Virginia, and purchased by the Oklahoma Historical Society in 1968. The cannon is a replica of the original cannon that was replaced at the fort in the year 2000. Although the cannon is a 6 pound shot it has never been fired.

Fort Gibson is the oldest incorporated town in the State of Oklahoma. Its history is rich as shown by the many historical buildings. The fort was established in 1842 and is major tourist attraction which is managed by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

The Barracks building was constructed during the 1840’s. The building was completed after the Civil war. The building is part of the Historic Site complex and is open for tours by appointment. The building is managed by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

This is a photo of the Earl Boyd Pierce Building constructed in 1903. It has been reported that the building was originally occupied by The Citizens Bank and a few years later by The First National Bank. At one point in time the building served the community as the Fort Gibson Post Office. The building has been used as a law office for many attorneys and is currently owned by James B Carnagey, Attorney At Law.